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Sep 18, 2014
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March 1

Obliged Friend

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    March 1
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    Ancestors came to Colonial Virginia and founded Catalpa Plantation in Culpeper, Virginia. The Culpeper Minutemen formed there. At 14..my paternal ancestor joined Washington’s army (3rd Hussars) He’s an original member of the Society of Cincinnati.

    (The Yankee army burned the plantation during the WBTS)

    Two of his grandson’s migrated to Knoxville after the war.

    Two of their sons joined the Tennessee 3rd Cavalry. They were at Vicksburg during the seige.

    Their parents farms were burned too.

    My grandfather and his brothers were in WW1 and my father and his brothers served in WW2.

    My maternal side goes back to the American Revolution.

    My brother and I served together on Tank C26, 2nd Platoon, C troop, 3/4 Cavalry in Vietnam.
    I was the tank commander and my brother was the driver, loader and sometimes the gunner. The Confederate flag was tied to the antenna. Our mother had a difficult time.

    I’m part of “ourselves and our Posterity” in the Constitution.

    I lost just about everything during Katrina when it devastated South Mississippi.

    2 months after Katrina, I came to the Philippines. Returned once to Mississippi back in 2013.