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  • Azalea - well I should really keep this to myself, because it is just a lovely place to relax and have a quiet, high quality meal in serene surroundings away from the madding crowd as it were. Every time we have been there we have shared the total restaurant with only two other tables. The ambiance is wonderful, the view over the hills and forest is superb, and the food is very high quality, and the staff are excellent. The chairs at the tables are totally comfortable, so a quick nap is possible after the meal. Out on the balcony is also a pleasurable experience. Soft taped lunch music is played in the back ground, and the sounds of many bird species come in through the open sliding doors. Air con is not needed as the breeze is generally always present. Azalea is located on the road up the hill to Twin Lakes., but only a few km up. Well, I hope I do not regret having spread the word, and made the place too busy for me to enjoy............lol:smile::happy:

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  1. jimf
    Yes let's keep the place a secret!
    I was there 2 or 3 years ago. As you said, peaceful, serene, scenic. A great spot I cant wait to go back.
    I could find a couple of pics....can I post them here?
    Im at work for a couple more days...it will take a few hours to post.
  2. Rye83
    Don't believe I have heard of this one. Do you have any pictures?
    1. Oz-Roger
      Try this link:

      Oz-Roger, Apr 18, 2015
    2. Rye83
      Ah. it's the resto on the way up to Twin Lakes. Drove past it but never stopped in.
      Rye83, Apr 20, 2015
    3. jimf
      ...a little late Wyre but here ya go.
      Definitely worth the visit for an enjoyable time and nice meal with loved ones.
      jimf, Apr 26, 2015