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For Sale Boa Constrictor

  • Exotic pet for sale, approximately 3 year old female Columbian red tail boa constrictor, about 6 foot long, very calm and good natured, good feeder and currently eating a fresh killed half grown chicken about every 2 weeks.

    Included in price is large steel frame cage on castor wheels covered in nylon insect mesh, also in cage is a large mahogany tree branch and water proof matting on floor, also is a large 130 litre plastic tub with lid and on wheels for feeding or putting boa while cleaning cage. also included is a certificate of her breeding from a Cebu pet shop where she was purchased.

    Asking price is p20,000 , she cost p9000 as a baby and the cage cost about p7000 and feeding her for the last few years adds up so I am not here to make a profit and selling her due to a ongoing medical issue I have and do not spend much time with her, please pm if interested.

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