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  • CARE Animal shelter opened in Sibulan in July and since then we have received nearly 30 animals . We are desperately trying to find homes for our rescues so if anyone would consider adopting - the animals would be very grateful. Also, we are very grateful for any donations, either money or food. We are raising funds at the moment to renovate the shelter as it is in desperate need of re-building.
    We have a facebook page here where you can donate or if you would like to join as a volunteer we will be having a meeting at the shelter next Sat 14th.
    We can be contacted on 0955 910 1181


    Here are some pictures of our rescues and the center. IMG_20170920_1359193_rewind.jpg IMG_20170920_1359193_rewind.jpg IMG_20170923_1506492_rewind.jpg IMG_20170920_1359193_rewind.jpg IMG_20170923_1506492_rewind.jpg
    Here a


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