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Naspri Bistro - Valencia

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  1. a007esprit
    "good european food ,and nice filippino food"
    Pros - nice food , stands very close to the european food Iam use to at home
    some european specials , european style steak , feels different then other places , owners are very kind ,
  2. DaveD
    "Very good food and value. Try the Chicken Schnitze"
    Pros - Everything I have eaten from the Chicken Schnitzel to the spaghetti, shakes and desserts were all very good and excellent value.
    Cons - Some mosquitoes in the evenings as it's usually open air. Other than that nothing negative in my experiences there.
    Well worth going here. Friendly owner and staff. Good food, very reasonable for anyone on a budget. I will most definitely go again.
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  3. Rye83
    "Very good filet mignon"
    Pros - Very clean bistro. Plenty of seating. Wide selection of food on their large menu. Staff was very friendly.
    Cons - Staff could have been a bit more attentive. Had to wave them over to get another drink and then again to order an espresso.
    Overall this was a nice find. The filet mignon had an excellent taste, the cook was able to bring it out medium rare as ordered and it is a great value at P329 for 180 oz. My gf had the chicken toast(ed?) salad. I had a few bites of it and thought it was well above par for the Philippines. The espresso after diner was just alright but I will probably order another the next go around. Total meal cost around P525 for my gf and myself. (That included 2 beers and a sprite on top of the already mentioned.)
  4. NamasteEvents
    "Only one reason to eat here."
    Pros - It's clean. Food is acceptable.
    Cons - Service is horrendous.
    It's the only restaurant in Valencia that opens early and serves a decent breakfast.
    I've been there 8-10 times. Service was slow every time, waitresses act like they're doing you a favor by paying attention to you. 30 minutes after ordering we were still waiting for a basic menu item. Why? The rice wasn't cooked yet at 9:30AM. WTF???
    I'll fix my own breakfast rather than visit this place again.
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  5. grandpainak
    "Not as good as it looks"
    Pros - It is close to home.
    Cons - You will be lucky if you are even greeted before you get bored and leave.
    the first meal was great but small. The next time I ordered two of the same. The steak was over cooked. I questioned why and was told that they only had one steak so she cut it in half in order to make TWO meals out of it. I paid for and eat it but it was really only one and one half dinners, at best.
    Very small meals.