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    A blog started up shortly after arriving in the Philippines. Somewhere along the line, it was discovered that videos were, so most of my attention was focused on that. Now – with my trusty sidekick, Michell, at my side – we are concentrating on both the videos and maintaining a solid blog. If you are interested in visiting, moving to, or discussing anything relevant to the Philippines (well, except politics…) feel free to join the discussion! Mabuhay!

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  1. Rye83
    Blog from one of the DI Forum members who has a wealth of information about Dumaguete and the Philippines.
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  2. Teacher
    I even find you here Ned is ever youtube blogger on this forum? Give my regards to Michelle.
  3. osodelnorte
    nice pic of ghe cliffs.. is that in nagbo alao..
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  4. Muffy
    Looks great :-)