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Salaya Beach Houses

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  1. Rye83
    "Restaurant Visit"
    Pros - Excellent service, great tasting food (both local and foreign dishes), menu is well thought out and regularly changes, clean and air-conditioned dining area, owners were present and friendly.
    Cons - Serving sizes are a little on the light side but compensated by the quality, alcohol is quite expensive (locally produced alcohol should have prices dropped by 20% IMO)
    Overall I had a very good experience at this resort's restaurant. The food was of a high standard and tasted great. The staff and server was friendly, attentive and made sure our meal was up to par. Appetizers and main dishes for my gf and myself came out hot and at the same time.

    I would NOT recommend this place to anyone in the Philippines on a budget nor to a person that expects over-sized serving sizes like you would find in the US. This is an upscale resort and restaurant, if you aren't familiar with this type of environment I would highly suggest you familiarize yourself with what to expect before going there.

    FYI: I paid around P1200 ($26) for my partner and myself (this included our drinks (with service water), 2 appetizers and two main dishes). Pretty good Value IMO.