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For Sale Selling Koga Miyata Bicycle

  • I want to sale an approximately 10 years old bicycle Koga Miyata made in Holland. Unfortunately the aluminium frame is cracked two times at the fork holder. All other part are working and in a good condition. The bike has a Shimano Deore XT gearshifting system and also Shimano breaks. The seat is a very comfortable leather "Brooks". Both wheels has a quick release system.
    The frame size is approx. 22" and the wheels are approx. 28".

    Some parts I just bought and let installed before the cracks appeared:
    - a brand new SagMit handlebar (approx. 1200 Php)
    - 1 pair brand new handlebar grips (approx. 600 Php)
    - a brand new kratos handlebar stern (approx. 800 Php)
    - 1 pair brand new break shoes (approx. 1200 Php)
    - 1 pair Shimano break handles (approx. 1200 Php)
    - a brand new chain (approx. 800 Php)
    - Approx. 10 meter of JagWire Lex-SL wire for the gearshifting and the breaks

    I am asking 14,000.00 Php (but slightly negotiable)
    Koga Miyata.jpg
    crack2_detail.jpg gearshift_back.jpg SagMit.jpg Brooks Seat.jpg

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