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For Sale Best Posts in Thread: Sussex Chickens crossed with Silkie Chickens, also Ducks and Turkey

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    Small farm but (all free range) and caring, offering up our stock of Chickens, Turkey, Ducks and various cross breeds for great egg production and beautiful birds as unique pets for you or perhaps yours. Looking forward to great interactions.

    I have......
    -Silkie Chicken crossed with Sussex. Best brooders that lay average of 9 to 12 eggs per nesting cycle and are also offered as a unique pet.
    - Silkie, Sussex cross, also crossed with Lowmann (3 bred crossed) that will egg lay delicious eggs .. both cross's make wonderful Mothers and of coarse are delicious Chickens standing alone.
    - Turkeys are (Heritage) and healthy that can grow up to 30lbs+ and will be available within 60 days. Currently Hens are sitting.
    - Ducks are the Pinas (BB) variety and eggs are currently in incubation. They are number one in egg production and the top Duck rated for Balute and also are suited for your dinner table. Instead of posting multiple images and updating my post I will share my blog just created and updates will appear there with my own imagery of stock. Contact as per Blog info or Pm me here.....cheers and best regards.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Also Goats are in stock and will be added to Blog
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