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Discussion in '☋ Dumaguete City ☋' started by The Dane, Nov 4, 2006.

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    Moving down here has been a lot of work, especially getting bank in line. My old bank in Dau was not happy about letting me go and made it hard for me, I even had to go back up to Luzon for banking once.

    The bank of choice down here is Metrobank - the Real Street branch, small branch and the manager Mia is absolutely great, she bends backwards to help us withwhatever banking needs we have.

    Nice to see someone that puts service up front for once.

    Metrobank Real Street branch did a great job on the move.

    Another fun side story on the banking in Philippines, I had to go back up to Dau to close up accounts, one of them a checking account with a minimum balance of P10000 - I asked the clerk there how we should close it. She leans over and says: "Just take out all the money, incl. the 10K then it will automatically be closed in a month, but we don't tell people that normally"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.