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Health & Wellness Brother-in-law, Hernia - Medical Advice

Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by SkipJack, Sep 17, 2020.

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    Hello everybody,

    My brother-in-law from the mountain who is married and has two children has been having abdominal pain for a long time. It hurts more when he works as a construction laborer and has been getting worse. He went to NOPH and they sent him to get an ultrasound which did not identify anything. It is getting to the point where he cannot work. He needs to work to provide for his wife and children.

    Now what? Do you know a good doctor for this? Any advice?
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    i have always used johnny yee at holy child. board certified family practice and head of section. i would pay my six bucks and ask for a referral to a diagnostician that he would recommend. NOPH suggests your bro in law is short of funds. i know that a number of doctors here hold multiple staff memberships at ACE, SUMC and HC but not sure if there is a lot of mixing with NOPH medical staff (which i guess means i am shy about the quality at NOPH as are many others here) but i have no specific reason to say that. i know we are all shy about getting sucked in too deeply into in paying for heathcare for others but i am more willing to do that for breadwinners.
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