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Bye Bye Rolf

Discussion in 'News and Weather' started by oztony, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. oztony

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    Another life destroying mongrel gets convicted and receives a ridiculously light sentence , the Brits and the Aussies will know this "rock spider", but I have doubts anyone else will , link below

    Harris sentence referred for appeal
  2. Broadside

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    The relatively light sentence of 5 years and 9 months has drawn huge criticism from the British public too. It's been referred to a higher authority as being excessively lenient, even if the judge did take into account his age now. In any case, he will have a very difficult time in jail, as the Brit cons reserve their own special treatment for kiddy fiddlers. In the showers he is very likely to be introduced to a wide variety of alternative didgeridoos.

    The British Home Secretary (Teresa May M.P.) has the authority to increase the sentence, but don't hold your breath on that, as she is as much use as t*ts on a bull.