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Camp cooking gear

Discussion in 'Tourist Information' started by Ninja, Jul 3, 2019.

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    I have organised a trip to Mt Talanis.
    My son forgot to pack some essential cooking gear to bring to the Philippines.

    Am looking for some QUALITY Trangia cookware which I think is impossible to find here.

    Have looked at :
    *Lee Plaza (They sell the Gas Stoves, but not the Butane Gas cartridges - No, not the cyclindrical BBQ gas ones)
    *Robinsons - Sports stores, etc
    *Frogman Multisport - These guys were good and have all of the other stuff I am missing but quality is still lacking but good enough.

    One guy said someone sold the Trangia equipment, just cant remember :smile:

    I am looking at Lazada.com.ph and have sent questions which may take some time for a response. I dont know if they are quick enough or send to Negros as most deliveries are in Metro Manila only.

    Any suggestions? Otherwise I will improvise and make something out of a coke can and bend some reo bar into shape to make a makeshift cooking stand. :happy:
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    QUALITY did you say QUALITY? In that case you need to make it yourself or have a Filipino make it for you. Most of the crap sold here is made in China. If it dose not say where it is made, "it is made in China". I have lots of QUALITY things that were made right here.

    Suggestions? yes, Sent me an email through DI and I can help you make the QUALITY camping equipment you looking for. We know how to bend rebar and cut coke cans.
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