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Cebu Cebu Chong Hua Disappointing

Discussion in 'Surrounding Areas' started by PatO, Aug 10, 2023.

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    SMC, after unable to solve my son's shoulder 4 yr. pain (X-Rays and MRI) finally recommended an ortho specialist at Chong Hua. There, Doc specialist offered nothing except go take X-rays and see their pediatrician tomorrow. Doesn't work, took x-rays but not available until too late to make flight back.
    Suspiciously, I wonder if they are jacking up the bill and no results. Flights, hotel, doctor = zero results.
    I hope others have better results there.
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  2. Crystalhead

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    Good feed Back, and it's not fun, a pain that is 24/7. Hope you find results sooner than later!
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    I don't know.
    I attended this same Hospital with pains in my knees, I had all the tests one could imagine wracking up quite a Bill this including an MRI, appointments had to be made with three different specialist each one had to be paid, final cost P30K; diagnosis; I'm a Fat Bar steward that wears the wrong shoes and was sent away still with this pain.
    Returning to UK some time later and by then the problem had eased by itself, however within two weeks of being back (I had painted my house outside cleaned gutters and quite a bit of general maintenance) this pain returned and I went to the Doc, in toot sweet time they told me I had Bungalow Knees through not using stairs for many years.

    Yes they do have good specialist Doctors that know how to treat Foreigners there in PH, but there speciality is in how to get as much as they can from us Ex-pats, they are money grabbing robbing Bar stewards that are not all great in their chosen profession I call them the Wimpey (we kill many people every year) brigade.
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    You must remember when there was a building company in the UK called Wimpey, their motto was We Intend Making Profit Every Year :greedy:
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