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Covid-19 Floodgates Opened For Returnees July 10th

Discussion in 'COVID-19' started by shakey, Jul 10, 2020.

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    Covid-19 Floodgates Opened For Returnees

    President Angered with Returnees camping outside NAIA due to insufficient seating inside waiting for Returnee flights to the provinces.

    Governor De Gamo signs agreement for PAL to commence Returnee flights to Dumaguete on the condition that PAL accept Sweeper passengers on the return flights .

    Lots of Returnees this month.

    Motorboats plying to and from Bais-Cebu Island for undocumented and untested Returnees for Covid-19 for P10,000.

    Those needing hospital admittance for non Covid-19 illnesses must receive a test nose swab test for the patient and watcher as a requirement for admission and discharge. PPE used by doctors, nurses and staff in your treatment is also added to your bill. The per visit charge by the doctors treating you is also increased.

    The Health Department personnel who meet the returnees are stressed out wearing full PPEs meeting 2 aircraft or more and perhaps a ferry or two a day and transporting them to quarantine locations. They have asked those Returnee flights and ferries to coordinate their arrival times to allow their team to be rested. (No link available due to their ISP being down)

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