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Emergency David Richard Block - Missing?

Discussion in 'Expat Section' started by Dutchjob, Jul 18, 2019.

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    I was contacted by a good friend of mine who is a policemen in Guihulngan. He asked if I knew a David Richard Block or his whereabouts. Since all foreigners know each other, right?

    But anyway, the son (35 years old) of this David lives in Guihulngan and was filing a missing persons report. He was last seen one month ago.

    I do not know this David, or his son and got now idea what is going on. My friend is also the tourist police up North and i told him I would ask around here.

    If you have some information, maybe for privacy concerns do not post anything here, but contact the police at 0916 784 1680. English is no problem.

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