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Doing Business in the Philippines (NOT)

Discussion in 'Dumaguete City' started by osodelnorte, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. osodelnorte

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    Does anyone know of anywhere worse to do business using the internet, email or phone numbers on websites?
  2. TheDude

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    The internet economy isn't as big or as important here as it is in places such as the U.S. Getting on the internet is expensive (connection and device.) There has been no dominant credit card (which people don't have) alternative for payments which has taken root.

    These websites don't get updated unless it makes sense to pay someone to do it. If the sites aren't making money, then they aren't getting updated.

    Personally, I wouldn't even bother with a website here for most businesses. Just create an FB page. Which leads to the next point. Is it wrong that these sites aren't working as you expect, or is the problem actually that we need to adapt?

    Have you tried contacting a business through Facebook? I don't often, but I usually get reasonable response within a reasonable time frame. That's really helpful!

    People do business fine here. It just doesn't pay well in general. :wink:
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  3. Edward K

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    I've found that many businesses do not answer emails or even texts or messenger from strangers. You might get a "hus dis pls" if you are lucky.. Or if you say "So-and-so (their cousin or relative or silliman u classmate) told me to contact you," you might get a response. Generally in a town the size of Dmgte, the best way that's worked for me almost every time is to make first contact by showing up on their doorstep. For out-of-town, telephone might be your best bet.
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  4. Wildlands1

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    I don't know.
    I want to open a …..restaurant here. (Hehehe, NOT)