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Don't get broke in the Philippines @(wrong girl-friend)

Discussion in 'Tourist Information' started by Crystalhead, May 2, 2022.

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    I mentioned a way back that I knew an American that was trying to get back home. This is the Fella named John. I tried to help him Months back but he gives his all to his Gal which is an on-line Bilker of Foreigners and John just does not get it. So I washed my hands of him. So now he is stuck in the muck and a Dumaguetian has created a support group. He is 60 years old and she is 21 wit 3 Kids. When will they learn.????? If the Filipina treats you only like your an ATM machine...get the FK out!
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    This story begs once again "What brings you to the Philippines"
    Every Expat has a story to tell, it's whether it's a happy one or a sad one.
    I remember while processing the necessary documents for my forthcoming wedding ( 20 yearsago ),coming across a strange fellow English guy.
    My brother in law to be, took us to the local town hall and once inside there was a commotion going on, this guy was being most rude to the staff.
    Realising he was a shilling short of a Pound, after he decided to leave I apologised to the staff for his bad manners and said he made me feel embarrassed as a fellow UK citizen.
    It turned out the lady's name on his application was not the young lady he was with, it would seem he had been dumped and he wanted to change the name on the application.
    to the young lady he was with, who appeared to have little understanding of English and wasn't aware this guy was to say the least a bit strange.
    It takes all kinds to make a world and the best of us can be duped, like you say CH, if the signs are there, it's time to bale out.
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