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Fantasy Baseball league sign up....

Discussion in 'Hobbies and special interests' started by FstopTom, Mar 7, 2021.

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    Hi.. we're a group of American expats who established a small (6 member) fantasy league hosted by Yahoo sports last year. We'd like to expand to 8 managers! Please let me know if you have interest, questions or want additional info.
    Our league draft date is set for March 29th @ 11AM Dumaguete time! You can do the research yourself, or allow the computer to auto select your team (much easier and doesn't require a working knowledge of who's who in baseball...lol)
    I've played for a couple years, after not following baseball for 20+ years, and thoroughly enjoy it. As for time commitment, Yahoo has the ability for you to set your roster for the upcoming week to start active players with 1 click..easy huh? But honestly I enjoy managing more than that...
    We also have a 2+ year American football league. It was Ron@ GieGie's fantasy league, and when he passed away, I took over ownership of that league. I also took over his spot in a US based baseball league (how I got started in baseball)..
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