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For those that don't read the gardening topics but wanna see some Ugly's!

Discussion in '☋ Photo Board ☋' started by Jack Peterson, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Jack Peterson

    Jack Peterson DI Forum Luminary Highly Rated Poster SC Connoisseur Veteran Air Force

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    Northern Junob, Dumaguete City
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    :whistling: Monday saw 4 of us at Andy's Private Garden for a Lunchtime meet, Dave crept out while Imp was snoring:sneaky:
    Alex Held Court, Roodog helped with his memory (Alex's) and I was just there.:thumbsup: A nice little meet and so nice to put faces to names, Thank's Guys :wink: I know this photo is on the horticulture Thread already but a lot don't read it so I thought it would be good for Prosperity.:rolleyes: (WOW! Did I say that):jawdrop:


    look Forward to the next time guys:thumbsup:

    JP :bag: :wink:
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  2. Crystalhead

    Crystalhead DI Forum Patron ★★ Forum Sponsor ★★ ★ No Ads ★ Highly Rated Poster Showcase Reviewer Veteran Army

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    Canada and Neg. OR.
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    All look like happy campers....hope to meet up some day!
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