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BoI Info how can a stamp be out of stock

Discussion in 'Passports and Visas' started by charlyB, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. charlyB

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    As my balikbayan visa runs out this month i went to the BOI a few weeks ago to ask a few questions about renewing it, got in mask on no problem.
    On Monday i went there to actually renew it and now you need a visor before the guard will let you enter, I'm not a medical expert but if you believe the figures for Dumaguete the risk of getting covid seems to be diminishing but the safety measures get more stringent.
    Anyway i gave up on that and just used the agency a few doors down, all went no problems.
    Got a message to collect my passport on Wednesday and when i went and looked at my passport no stamp ! the agency lady told me stamps not available so now i have to keep the receipt paperclipped to my passport as proof of having a visa and also my ACR card not available for around 2 months.
    Now i can just about understand plastic cards, number plates and a multitude of other things being out of stock but how can a stamp be not available.:bag:
    Anyhow i just took an extra blood pressure tablet and accepted the fact. :banghead:

    PS despite the stamp i would still recommend using the agency before the BOI office.
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  2. Ozguy17

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    The BOI haven't been giving the visa stamps for the past year.

    In that time i have always received a receipt that gets paperclipped to the passport and all the other receipts.

    I'm guessing same will happen when i need to renew in the next couple months.

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  3. mangoman

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    the last time a visa extension sticker was placed in my passport at the Duma BI office was back in november 2018... so the BI officer now gives you paper receipt in place of the sticker to prove you have legal status in the philippines... i keep all mine folded up inside my passport to prove if necessary that i have a current valid visa... but hopefully this situation will get resolved someday soon so we can all have the visa extension stickers rather paper receipts... in the meantime i have scanned and saved all these paper receipts on a flash drive in case the paper receipts should ever get lost.
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    I'm ok with this. I generally run out of pages in my passport before it expires. This saves an early renewal/extra pages added headache.
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