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Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by sudowpa2ph, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. sudowpa2ph

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    I don't know.
    I went today to Hyundai dumaguete/sibulan and I tried to inquire about a car part, how much it will cost, the part number, and how long it will take to be installed.

    When I got to the shop today. I told them what I needed:
    Throttle Positioning Sensor
    Manifold Absolute Pressure

    all sensors....

    I told them I couldn't find the parts on the computer so I asked them what they were for the car and their answer to me was "The part numbers are confidential" I almost spit up my milk (if I was drinking milk)

    I told them that you sit there and tell me part numbers are confidential and you only want me to order from the shop so that you can charge me 3 times more than what the part REALLY cost. I told them that they are big fat liars and I will never return for service.

    Sure, I was going to look for the part elsewhere like eBay. But, I would have brought in my car and had them install the parts and they would make money off from labor. Since they want to lie to my face and think I am just this dumb stupid foreigner. They can just bugger off.

    I look at it this way.. They are the ones who are setting the prices, they are the ones who take their sweet time having them delivered. I was quoted for one part that it would take around 1.5 months to deliver. I ordered a part from ebay and came to me in 4 days.

    They are the ones who are not taking any initiative in doing anything. So, why should I suffer for their incompetence.

    So, I am asking if anyone found any guy in town or outside of town who is competent and honest in supplying car parts.
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  2. DaveD

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    Agree. I had same problem with Suzuki Dealer in Sibulan. Screw them!
  3. a007esprit

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    last couple of years Iam buying my parts for my bike and cars mostly online , no problem sending parts to the philippines to be honnest even never had to pay tax ,as most of them where send by UPS or royal Mail .
    Just buy a parts manuel online for your car . or find a web site where you can search for the correct part number .
    I buy a lot of parts on ebay.com and Ebay.co.uk Just had a new mufler for my bike arriving from the UK and new Suzuki APV Remote controle case. took 14 days to arrive , not bad , About 40% cheaper then I did order it in Sibulan.
    Must say sibulan Suzuki dealer has beeing very kind to me on my cars Warranty , can't complain.
  4. Cletus

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    Dumaguete auto parts across street from Ceres terminal are good honest people. Of course they may not be able to get the part but may know someone that does have them. Newer car parts are usually only available thru dealers has been my experience.
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  5. denpet

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    Filogic example:
    Parts 8000p
    Labor 2000p
    Labor + parts = 10000p

    Better to not get 10000p than getting 2000p as 10000p is much more
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