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Interesting Dive Sites in Dumaguete

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    Dumaguete is an excellent diving destination in the Philippines. A lot of dive sites surround the area of Dumaguete. Some dive sites can give you an unusual diving experience while other dive sites remain as the home of weird and interesting sea creatures.

    For diving enthusiasts, Dumaguete is the perfect place for this kind of adventure. Excellent dive sites abound waiting for divers. Both beginners and experienced divers may explore the wonders that these dive sites contain.

    The Dorado Reef South - A dive site south of Dumaguete that is composed of artificial reefs and mixed coral blocks. Many surprises await a diver at the Dorado Reef South dive site including huge frogfish. The depth of this dive site is from five to 20 meters and travel time is about two minutes.

    The Dorado Reef North - This dive site has a gentle slope that covers a wide area. Big and small marine creatures make their homes among the mixed coral blocks and stag horn corals. Bringing a torch in this dive site is a big help to look into the overhangs and cracks within the Dorado Reef North sounth of Dumaguete.

    The Atlantis House Reef - This dive site is perfect for divers who are still beginning to learn how to dive and for kids having their premiere days of diving adventure. The Atlantis House Reef south of Dumaguete is also an excellent dive site for macro photographers. Night dives are perfect in this dive site and during a sunset dive, rare species of mandarin fish can be seen.

    The Atlantis Artificial Reef - This dive site is in the same place as the Atlantis House Reef. Used and spare tires were used to create this artificial reef on a sandy slope. This dive site is fantastic for dives during the night where yellow tail snappers, critters, and more are present.

    The DuCoMi (Main Pier) - DuCoMi stands for Dumaguete Coconut Mill. This dive site is a pier making it unusual. From being a shipping pier in the past, it has now turned into a paradise for divers. Sponges and soft corals are abundant in this dive site. Weird and beautiful critters are all over the site making any macro photographer happy.

    The DuCoMi (Soft Corals) - This dive site is a small pier about 50 meters away from the DuCoMi (Main Pier) around 10 km. south of Dumaguete. Beautiful sea fans and soft corals cover the site and a wide expanse of marine life diversity will give any diver an extraordinary dive.

    The DuCoMi (New Pillars) - This dive site is a new pier that is connected to the DuCoMi (Main Pier). The pillars may be new but a large number of marine creatures are taking shelter in this dive site. There is a shallow sea grass bed where seahorses come to hide.

    Aside from these dive sites, Dumaguete still has other dive sites to explore and discover. Diving in and around Dumaguete is a great adventure to cherish for life.
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