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Review "LOKAL" New restaurant in Dauin

Discussion in 'Dining - Nightlife - Entertainment' started by tuba-coma, Oct 8, 2021.

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    Recently a new restaurant opened in Dauin, named "Lokal", easy to find, just at the right side of the highway 500m before you reach Dauin town center. owner is a nice guy from Britain, but there are no british dishes on the menue card, it is asian cuisine; popular dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, even Laos, and some favorites from the Philippines. Wife had fish curry and was very pleased, I was very satisfied with my slow-cooked Rendang. I also liked the rice, not so sticky like in other places. A big surprise was the cucumber salad, it was prepared with a nice sour salad sauce, for those who like such. Good price range, good value for the money, good service and a very nice ambience with stylish bamboo furniture and a beautiful garden around. Definitely a place worth to visit.
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    I did a takeout today (for dinner) of Malaysian chicken dish and Thai fish dish. I am sure everything is better having it immediately there but I am still a covid hermit. Looking forward to dinner.
    Very nice layout
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