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Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by Edward K, Jan 5, 2019.

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    Since we are our own staff, we have no-one else to wait all day for a package to be delivered. We know the LBC distribution center is just south of Robinsons, but has anyone figured out how to reach the local Ninja couriers (lazada package) ?? The only thing we get is a text from Ninja which cannot be "replied" to.. Of course trying to pin down ANY Dumaguete delivery seems to be an impossibility.......
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    Ive had the same problem and there is always a different delivery boy so they never know where to come. Ive mentioned this on the feedback page to them before as there is no contact number like there was with lbc.
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  3. kelpguy

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    for ninja feedback, problems, etc, i email them at: < support_ph@ninjavan.co >
    take note; there is no m at the end of the eddress, it's .co

    as far as getting a new delivery person every order; i don't like that and neither do the drivers i talked to about it; it's hard on them and the person receiving the pkg but... that's company policy so i always include that in my feedback correspondence, that and the inconsistent tracking.

    evidently, the drivers talk over deliveries in the morning before they go out and give new guys tips on how to find package recipients; a small piso tip helps drivers get to know you. also, i keep a fone list for past delivery guys and that makes it easier for me to connect with them if i'm not home.

    one of my packages got ''delayed'' in ninjas system and i had moved to a new address before it was found and a driver brought the pkg to me in sibulan on his own time!
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    My wife says that when ordering anything via LBC (and which is non COD) she specifies that it is left at a particular office by showing her address as, for example, "(Her name), LBC, City Mall ... etc" - it does not always work exactly BUT, in those cases, it goes to the LBC on North Road near Freedom Park - she says that she can ask at City Mall for them to request North Road to send it up to City Mall but she just goes to North Road as it is not too far from City Mall. For COD items, she either leaves the money at LBC, City Mall, or she has a conversation with the delivery team when they are in the area. She has actually done this, so it will work. I realise that you are away from your house but am not sure if you have a neighbour who could help. This would save you having to travel to Banilad.

    As for 'Ninja van', it seems that there is an initial computer-generated text to which she cannot reply BUT when they are about to deliver they text my wife and she is able to text (or phone) them back (I have seen the text correspondence) - they will not know who she is but she then gives her name and they are willing to meet her anywhere in the area where they are delivering. If it is not COD then they will leave with a willing neighbour.