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Property Search in the hills behind Valencia(bukid)

Discussion in 'Dumaguete City' started by Ensign11, Jul 30, 2022.

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    I'm looking to buy a lot 500 to 1,000 sqm in the hills behind Valencia, if anyone happens to know of any available?
    I've had one realty agent searching for me without any luck and you rarely see them advertised. My realty agent gave up and even discourage me from buying one property by saying it was not suitable for me, after I had shown a sincere interest in it.
    I really don't care how steep the lot slopes facing Valencia town as that will suit my intended house design concept (built on stilts outwards).
    I'm keen on the following areas; Liptong, Apolong, Mampas, Balili, Sabang and Lunga.
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    Read your post and cannot be any help as far as a deal in Valencia. Just would like to put it out there that Tanjay City is a fun and wonderful People place. I often see those set on Dumaguete, Valencia area not knowing that there is so much in the area to consider. Message me if you have an open mind to build in Tanjay. The best contractor here is my Asawas 1st Cousin. Also know many that have deals on lands. I myself have a home to sell and land to gulp at near half price.
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    I note that you have only one posting and as such may be restricted using your PM. I have sent you a PM and even that, can not remember if you can view. Re-reading your post I have a friend in Lunga who has access to land there as well as what I mentioned in my PM - my email is paghion@gmail.com
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    I don't know.
    I'm guessing you are still in your home country at this time? better you go to Valencia and have your feet on the ground whilst looking for a Lot there, I can put you on to a couple of Foreign Guys who BTW are not agents just good friends of mine, but these two guys know better than most what is available in these areas you mention, for myself I would not even consider living in Apolong the road up to there is just too dam steep coming down you are never off the brakes, I'm surprised you did not mention Bong Bong that is also a good area on a higher cooler elevation, the road to that is in good condition with a gentle incline be prepared to spend around P2K per M2 there, one of our members (CharlieB) a Scotsman lives up there, once a Scot moves into an area the Lot prices always increase.
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    Having found a nice lot in Bacong but on the Valencia boundary 5 yrs ago, I have a few thoughts, most of which I have posted elsewhere (you can search for posts):
    1. Never buy without BEING THERE, no reason is worth the risk of huge problems. We lived here over a year before we signed anything. Started lookin the day we got here.
    2. Have a local lawyer to help negotiate
    3. BE VERY CAREFUL buying a lot with tenant or tenant farmer, and never try to do this without a Dumaguete property lawyer.
    4. You might tell several agents you are looking. We found ours thru a friend of a friend....
    5. Obviously, ACCESS to lot must be purchased or lawyer written contract
    6. Valencia seems better than Bacong, but that could change in the next election.
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