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Vehicles & Servicing Rent Bike w/out DL?

Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by RPlongtymer, May 11, 2018.

  1. RPlongtymer

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    I lost my U.S. drivers license which was expired anyways due to theft of wallet.

    I have a good driving record and grew up with motorcycles so I know how to drive. I have not driven since I sold my last vehicle b4 coming to the Philippines, several years ago.

    Is it possible to rent a bike here on passport only? If so, what's the best place you would recommend. I need a bike for at most 1-2 days, probably less than a day for pleasure trip to resort.

    Thanks for all the good answers from members of this forum.

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    Post #4 by Dutchjob, May 14, 2018 (4 points)
  3. jim787

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    Whoever rents you the bike should really check your driver's license. Especially nowadays, during election season, you could hit a roadblock with cops looking for firearms. Lacking a driver's license (and current registration, you should check on that when you rent the bike) it could be confiscated. And the owner would have some difficulty getting it released.

    That said, you being a foreigner, the owner might be shy to ask to see your license. He would be more concerned that you are a tourist and impossible to find. I once gave a copy of the face page of my passport to a vendor, and he was satisfied on that score.
  4. ChMacQueen

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    Legally they can't but when do people care much about the laws. If your pulled over and the bike gets impounded because the driver had no license the rental would be the ones to get it out of impound. They would likely need to show documentation that they rented it properly meaning showing a copy of the renters license. If not they would be liable fully for the fine LTO imposed whatever it may be and they would know the chance of getting the foreigner to pay would be nil. Plus if they have any sort of insurance it would be voided if something happens and they can't show a license of the renter.

    Of course like I said when does the law really apply here and extra money talks big sometimes. I'd expect you to pay a hefty extra rental fee though.
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  5. Dutchjob

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    Just let somebody with a license to rent it
  6. gerry_bc

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    You say you have been here several years.. Get a Philippine license, rent from a proper registered rental company (not some bullshit "its my cousins bike place") outlet and ride knowing you are protected as much as anyone can be here. Anything less exposes you to a train wreck if you crash or get hit.. Failure to comply guarantees you will pay through the bottom if there is an incident.. Try following the rules, then life is simple here...
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  7. osodelnorte

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    why don't you just buy one.. sell it when you leave.. cost works out about the same..

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