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Read Me Replying to PMs Through Email....

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & User Feedback' started by Rye83, Feb 17, 2017.

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    ....you can't do it. Stop trying, please. If you reply to the noreply@dumagueteinfo.com email account, the one that sends you an email to let you know you have a PM on the forum, you will get - big surprise here - "no reply" and the person you are replying to will never see your message.

    To reply to a PM you MUST log on to the forum and reply.

    What will happen when you reply to that email address is your message will go and sit in an inbox and not be seen for 3-6 months (about how often I check it). What will also happen is the message you were replying to (the one quoted in the email), along with your reply, will be sitting in that inbox until I decide to do a bit of spring cleaning and clean up the mail box.

    If you were replying to the email for support about various forum issues or just giving a friendly "hello", again, I don't check that email account often. Sorry this was not made more clear in the email.

    However, at the bottom of every one of those emails it says:
    Screenshot (111).png
    Looking at it now I think it might be too small and not bold enough. Sometimes I forget we don't all see emails the same way.....or with the same clarity. :wink:

    If you replied to a PM using the email reply method and said something nasty about someone (or about me) you are not only informing me of your private thoughts but also the thoughts of the person who sent you the PM the correct way.

    No worries though, I won't tell anyone the mad sh*t you were talking behind people's back, or behind mine. I really don't want to get involved in whatever the problem is/was. :wink:

    And just to show I was not wasting a ton of my time and resources digging around the databases reading PMs:
    I removed all names and dates from the emails but left the titles of the PMs people attempted to reply via email to. If you were in one of those conversations (and there were more below those), chances are I just had a peak at them today.

    And BTW: to the member that thinks I'm a irrational, violent, financially irresponsible, raging alcoholic. You are talking to people that have no idea how to use computers and they are sending your private messages right to my inbox. I counted no less than 5 separate message threads to different people in my inbox where you were telling them I was at least one of the things above. Perhaps you should be a bit more careful and selective with your method of trash-talking.

    You might also want to take note that the people you are talking to at the bars have been filling me in on your not-so-flattering opinions of me as well. Guess you haven't learned yet that most of the expats at the bars shouldn't be trusted, feed off of drama and they do not have your best interests in mind (which is why I am usually found alone playing billiards with locals in the bar). If they think they can gain favor with someone else by giving away info from your private conversations they will do it in a heartbeat. Lesson learned I suppose.

    However, I know I can be difficult to deal with, hard headed and rough around the edges at times, among other things. You also sent your PMs the correct way, it was at no fault of your own that your messages made it to my inbox. So, no worries, forgive and forget.

    Note: I'm not doxxing anyone here and this is not an alcohol fueled rant. Just a little FYI for those that reply to PMs via email, which again, you shouldn't do. If you somehow take offense to this and angrily reply you are only doxxing yourself as one of the culprits. I'm giving the option to remain anonymous to those who accidentally replied the incorrect way. :sneaky:

    ....and why are you even reading this?! The button said this spoiler was for Drama Queens only! :hilarious:
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    :peaking: I was taking a peak for the possible humor - also looks like one of those emails may have been to me, no worries though, I already bought the bike. :2thumbs:
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