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Santander Launches Digital Tourism Guide

Discussion in 'Other Destinations in the Philippines' started by Rye83, Apr 19, 2015.

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    A FOURTH class town with a population of just around 17,000, Santander hasn’t let its size or distance deter its progress.

    The town launched the Santander Guide, a mobile app that provides a handy guide to exploring this small town that’s located farthest south from the seat of the Provincial Government.

    The mobile guide is a component of the Digital Tourism program being implemented nationwide by Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and new media startup InnoPub Media.

    “The Digital Tourism launch in Santander is part of a province-wide expansion of the tourism project pioneered in Cebu. Santander as part of the BOSS: Boljoon – Oslob – Santander – Samboan south Cebu tourism circuit aims to be one with the conjoining municipalities who have done their launch of the same program,” said Santander Mayor Marilyn Wenceslao.

    “I would like to thank the Cebu Provincial Government, the local tourism movers in our town and most especially Smart Communications,Inc. and InnoPub Media for helping us make this project possible,” Mayor Wenceslao said.

    Cebu Gov. Hilario P. Davide III said the new mobile app for Santander will greatly boost the town’s economy and benefit the neighboring communities as well. “Tourism is a key industry and an effective trigger to economic development,” Davide said.

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    This is something I think Dumaguete should be doing as well.