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Scabies (cause and effect)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Jack Peterson, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Not really the sort of thing to think or talk about so soon after breakfast but something that is on my mind just now.
    During this time my mother in law has been in hospital, I have spent quite a lot of time there, I won't bore you all with lots of data and things as I am sure, we all know about these things, just one link for those that maybe want to follow up on this.

    What I will say however is that it surprises me (or Does it really?) that this issue is not treated when they have patients in hospital with other ailments and never seem to deal with things like this, surely they know ( the hospital)
    How infectious this is and yet nothing is done. Is it any wonder that patients do not respond to other treatments when their immune system is being affected by additional things like this.

    The little old lady in the bed next to my MIL was quite obviously infected and when I spoke to the doctor, she said " but the patient is in for high Blood" not Scabies. AH! so you know she has Scabies. :mad: is this any of your business? nope but the little 95 year old in the bed next to her IS! did you see that Nurse wash here hands before administrating the thermometer o_O NO! I was not looking of course this is always the answer.

    I have always put Scabies down to bad Housekeeping, mainly in Geriatric Hospitals, but on Looking around my Baringay, I am beginning to see signs daily, of this highly Infectious Occurrence. seems people just don't care or are Plain Ignorant to facts. Sending children to school and other peoples houses while infected.

    As with many things, the Health Services here are just not paying any detail at all, to the blatantly obvious bad Housekeeping, even at SUMC Where for cost alone, one would expect a little more attention to Detail.

    Never mind just Dengue and Chicken Pox these places are riddled with Scabies too
    For goodness sake this is 2014 not 1954 (or is it still) are we in a Time warp with added costs? :oops:

    Sorry if this is long Winded but it really does make my Blood boil

    Cleanliness like Charity should all start at home. but.......................:(

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    I believe it is transmittable to and from pets/animals as well.
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  3. tunji oluwajuyemi

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    1)]I had constant supply of scabies or something just like scabies in philippines and even got a sure case of scabies in Thailand along with my very first battle with bed bugs ever, in Thailand. I stayed in the same infested Chiangmai hotel room all month but kept 4 day and night vigil killing, tracking and spraying into the cracks.. No more bed bugs after the first week and I also washed every thing i owned in treatment solution ..
    I got scabies from riding in pedicabs and jeepneys rubbing elbows and knees with people... bought sulphur soap and selsun blue shampoo to help ,but it was hard on me with the sulphur overload i already had from the volcanic smoke for years prior in hawaii.. Even the sulphur in onions gets to me these days...
    The itchy bumps always came around if i laid off the treatments... I started soaking all my clothes in dog shampoo before washing and rinsing in my regular routine... I also sprayed my bed down with the stuff..
    It was bad on my North Negros mountain retreat bus route, people loved to stand by me on the bus and up against me ,especially the Ceres bus conductor ... I would itch on my shoulders every day where they leaned against me.. I would treat it every day to keep things from growing... Eventually the bus conductor showed up one day covered from head to toe with whatever was itching my shoulder.. My regualr daily treatment spared me more agony but it was just too toxic to have to do that every day just to keep from being covered in scabies..I still have scars years later to this day of all the itching bumps i got on my shoulder sides. I still have one itchy spot on my back, that exact center of my shoulder blades spot where i cant reach to scratch, that spot i got in philippines almost 3 years ago and still itches some times like some mite is embedded in there holding down the fort..
    I keep up on things by using natural or organic soaps with tea tree oils, i would use neem oil natural soaps, all good for keeping down parasites in a less toxic way...
    I may be scarred for life but i made it out of there alive..
    Another thing was ,every time i went to a mountain village and stayed a while, i would see the girls gathered in groups picking at each others hair, it always turned out to be lice grooming... I saw that in a mountain village in the south by Bayawan.. I saw the same In the mountains up north above Bacolod... So i always went to buy a "carton" of lice shampoo because i couldn't just treat the kids around where i was staying, i had to buy enough to treat the whole school where all the kids of the village mingled/exchanged bugs.... i just shaved my hair down regularly and used lice shampoo once a month as prevention..
    Scabies and lice everywhere there where they cant afford treatment not even an extra bar of sulphur soap or an extra batch of lice shampoo...
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  4. Cletus

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    @tunjio I'm itching just reading your post. :confused:
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