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The Santa Cruzan

Discussion in '☋ Dumaguete City ☋' started by The Dane, Nov 17, 2006.

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    The Santa Cruzan or Flores de Mayo is celebrated in the entire Philippines every May to honor tradition and religion. Being a deeply Catholic city largely influenced by the Spaniards during its regime, Dumaguete has made Santa Cruzan one of main events of the year.

    Pretty young maidens are dressed up in lovely evening gowns, escorted by equally young and good looking gentlemen donning the traditional Barong Tagalog. They parade in the city streets, often times in the early evening light, each couple flanked by two boys holding an arc of flowers above their heads, and accompanied by a band playing some religious song. The procession includes little girls in angel-like costumes holding candles, religious santos mounted on wooden platforms and old townsfolk in pilgrim dresses. It is such a beguiling sight to behold.

    Apart from the procession, there is also a street dancing competition and a food festival held at the Rizal Boulevard where revelers can dine al fresco while a band plays.
Thread Status:
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