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Things I Miss

Discussion in '☋ Photo Board ☋' started by Rye83, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Rye83

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    1. Open spaces and not living in top of each other.


    2. No chickens in the morning or the constant hum of a generator.

    3. Smell of freshly cut grass.

    4. Hard wood floors.

    5. Big refrigerators.

    6. Everyone understands what I said the first time.

    So umm...no picture of people understanding me so here is a picture of how I feel when I'm not asked to repeat what I just said.

    But then again.
    1. It takes 20 minutes to get to town. And over an hour to shop somewhere other than Walmart (which is where most shopping should happen).
    2. See number one.
    3. Someone has to cut that grass. I certainly don't want to be that person...d*mn allergies.
    4. I can't afford to buy or maintain that house.
    5. I have no need for a ref that big.
    6. They understand what I say but only my grandfather can actually relate.

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