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Electronics & Appliances TV repair recommendation

Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by danbandanna, Dec 5, 2021.

  1. danbandanna

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    Had a 55 inch TCL lose some Led backlight so looked for someone to fix, the authorized repair in Duma was LJ Electronics off of Jose Romero down the road to DACCA . They fixed my TV while I was in Duma for the day (we live in Pamplona). Never had one day service in the 6 years here in Negros so I cannot recommend highly enough. cost was 2500 plus parts. Very satisfied :smile:

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  2. Sedona

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    I will give LJ a try. I have a 65" with failed backlights, I contacted JTech Electronek Works on a Tues and they they told me they would come to my house the following Monday morning and bring the backlights with them to replace at my house. On Monday by noon they hadn't showed up and I contacted him and he said, "oh, I discovered I don't have the backlights in stock, I will get them ordered and then contact you to re-schedule". A week went by and I contacted him again and asked if he had any updates when the backlights would be received, he said, "Oh sir, I think it will be best if you go ahead and order them". aarrrghhhh!!