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VA Pharmacy System

Discussion in 'Military and Veterans' started by PatO, Jun 13, 2019.

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    I am wondering if the Manila VA pharmacy works like the Seattle VA hospital pharmacy works.
    Seattle: go to pharmacy section, drop your VA card in a reader, reader prints out numbered ticket, screen displays your number when your turn, go to room where support person looks up your prescription in your online record, in my case (first time) the support person flags the doctor to approve the 5 prescriptions, when approved the support person orders the prescriptions, pharmacy displays your name on a screen when pick up is ready, pick up prescriptions at window - no charge. You can phone in your prescription and go wait for your name on the screen and avoid the prior steps. I was impressed with the automation process. I will try phoning Manila next month to see if I can change my address for meds to here but keep my US address for Benefits processing.
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    If you log on to MyHealthEvet, they have a secure mail system. If you need refills you can request them via email and they get delivered to your door via Air21. That is how I get my refills. Just need to visit the VA once a year to keep it current and get a check up. It is worth it to me.
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    I only use secure messaging when I have no remaining refills so the doc can add some. I usually sign into MyHealthVet and go to the order refills tab, click the meds I need, and then order. A few days later air21 is at my gate.

    This is the step you need to start with of course but I recommend Not waiting. Call now to find out the process, they may want you to come in for an appointment for processing before adding authorization for the Pharmacy. While still VA, the Manila clinic falls under a separate authorization and funding than all the others. Some rules are different here, no travel pay and only VA Rated Disabilities will be taken care of are the biggies.