Finding a Safe Neighborhood

One of the most important considerations in renting in the Philippines is safety. How safe is the neighborhood? A neighborhood may seem peaceful enough, but there are renting tips in knowing the real safety situation of a vicinity.

First, check how the rented unit is located. Does it have a gate? Is it securely located inside a compound or is it directly accessible to the street? If it is in a compound, how safe is the compound? There must be at least two gates or access ways to the compound and they must be wide enough for emergencies like, in case of a fire or if a person needs to be brought to a hospital. The access ways must fit a fire truck or an ambulance. On the other hand, they must not be too wide to make easy access for a robbery—where appliances and furniture sets can be carried out easily. Things like this are important in renting safely.

How near is the rented unit to a barangay or police outpost or fire station? Renting safely also means accessibility to security offices or outposts, especially when the unit is directly accessible to the street. The presence of a nearby security outpost or even fire station is often an effective deterrent against crime. A rented unit inside a guarded subdivision or village is also a good factor in renting safely. Some secured vicinities have roving guards round the clock and even assist residents who leave home very early in the morning or come home late at night.

Then check if the rented unit owner is also particular about safety. Renting safely is assured when the unit owner is also a safety buff. Is the gate kept closed? If the owner carelessly opens the gate just to anyone, chances are, renting safely is a remote possibility there. Gates must at least have peeping holes as a primary check to incoming visitors. If people can just go in an out of the compound, look for other places that afford renting a unit safely.

Rented places look innocent enough on weekdays, even in the evening, but wait till weekend comes. It often reveals if renting safely can be a likelihood—if there are no noisy drunkards serenading the moon with strange tunes. This often makes for an unsafe neighborhood second to crime in the Philippines.

Renting safely is a major concern in looking for a place to rent. A peaceful place is more than all the modern amenities and luxury comforts combined.

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