Cabilao: Diving – A Small Island’s Pride

Diving in Cabilao

Cabilao is a small island that is under the jurisdiction of Loon, Bohol. Cabilao has a land of area of 7.2 sq. kilometers. bohol mapThe reefs within the crystal clear water of Cabilao makes it an ideal place for diving. The best dive site in Cabilao is the House reef. This dive site is situated right in front of Cabilao Diver Center. On the left side of the House reef is a fish sanctuary of Cabilao. The House reef has about a thousand meters long of Gorgonia Wall.

The Gorgonia Wall of the House reef runs in parallel to the shore of Cabilao. There are several small caves to explore including overhangs. Of all the corals that cover this dive site in Cabilao, the giant fan corals are the most interesting ones.

The house reef can really amaze any diver because of the variety of marine life it contains. Diving is possible any time of the year but there are some dives that must be planned carefully because of the unstable water current of Cabilao.

After the Gorgonia Wall is a plateau that is about 30 meters in depth. This dive site is called the Shark View Point because of the presence of large pelagics such as Thresher, Blacktip, Whitetip, and Hammerhead Sharks. This dive site is at the corner side of the House reef in Cabilao.

From the Shark View Point plateau, you will come to the slope area of the House reef in Cabilao. This dive site is the Lighthouse where you can find a very wide slope with seagrass meadow and coral formations. The depth of the Lighthouse is about 20 meters. This dive site is best in Cabilao for muck diving.

From the shores of Cabilao, another dive site is within reach. This dive site is called the Chapel Point, which is about 10 minutes away from Cabilao Dive Center by boat. Some of the interesting things that can be seen in Chapel Point are hard corals, caves, overhangs, and lots of reef fish. The Chapel Point is a great dive site to look for Pygmy seahorses.

Another dive site in Cabilao is the South Point that is about 15 minutes away from Cabilao Dive Center. The South Point is a great dive site where you can observe the various marine species compete for space and light. Due to this competition, the result is an amazing reef structure that is ancient and undamaged up to this day.

These dive sites in Cabilao are worth every diver’s visit. The friendly community of the island would welcome you with warmth and hospitality.

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