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Salted Egg – Itlog na Maalat

When there’s an urgent need, people are likely to improvise to provide a quick remedy. A myth on how red, salted eggs were first eaten tells of a native culinary process accidentally discovered. The myth suggests that good results can sometimes come from unintended deeds.

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Tip on Van Rentals

Renting vans is a good option in short or long distance travels. Especially when traveling with a group or the whole family, everybody gets to rest and relax while enjoying the ride in a rented van. But prices for renting vans must be well considered. There are standards in pricing a rented van.

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Safety in Public Transport Vehicles

Using public transport vehicles like buses, jeepneys, and cabs in the Philippines is a practical and cheaper public transport option. To be a safer option, one must know where to be seated in a public transport, and why.

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