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Philippine Airlines – Philippines’ Flag Carrier

Philippine Airlines is the national airline of the Philippines. Philippine Airlines took its first flight on March 15, 1941 amidst the ongoing World War II. Beech Model 18 is Philippine Airlines’ first aircraft making its first flight from Manila to Baguio. Philippine Airlines is the first commercial airline in Asia.

Philippine Airlines’ mission is to serve as a noble partner in nation building. The airline is involved in shaping the events of history of the Philippines. A seed of growth is planted in every flight they undertake.

Philippine Airlines is a respected airline not just in the Philippines but also around the world. The airline’s aircraft are servicing 20 domestic points and 32 foreign cities.

Philippine Airlines is now embracing the e-commerce system. The airline offered online bookings, credit card payments, electronic ticketing for all flights. Philippine Airlines’ web site was launched to satisfy the customers’ needs quickly and more efficiently.

The history of Philippine Airlines has come a long way now. They started from one aircraft and as the years went by, the airline was able to purchase a number of airbus type aircraft.

Philippine Airlines products and services are evidence of the hospitality of the Filipinos. Before your flight, they have services such as First Class courtesy car and transfer service. Philippine Airlines’ management is always ready and alert to handle an Avian Flu situation. Services are also offered for special meals, special medical requirements and equipment, medical cards, special handling for infants, unaccompanied minors, and pregnant women.

At the airport, convenience and comfort for passengers is the slogan of Philippine Airlines. Check-in time must be two hours and three hours before departure time for domestic and international flights, respectively. The Express Counter of Philippine Airlines is there to accommodate senior citizens and for no check-in baggage passengers.

During your flight, TV, in-flight movies, and radio programs are available for your entertainment pleasure. Meals and beverages are offered in a wide range of selections whether you fly on Philippine Airlines in First Class, Mabuhay or Business Class, and Fiesta or Economy Class.

Philippine Airlines is a member of Chaine des Rotisseurs. The First Class passengers will have an Epicurean experience with a full-course feast meal elevating dining to new heights. The airline’s Mabuhay Class passengers will have their palate pleasures with Filipino, Western, and Japanese Kaiseki dishes. The airline’s Fiesta Class passengers will have various brands of traditional and fusion cuisine.

Comfort and safety are Philippine Airlines’ utmost concern for their passengers. Seat belts should always be fastened when seated.

Philippine Airlines is the flag carrier of the Philippines and is a national pride. From its humble beginnings, the airline has made for itself a world-respected name.

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