Finding a Place to Stay

It can be a great challenge for an expatriate to settle in the Philippines. Most expatriates tend to have an overwhelming feeling being in the country for the first time. The expatriate will be experiencing many adjustments particularly to the weather. There are also many people in the Philippines and a lot of traffic as well. However many expatriates have called the Philippines their home as well.

Most expatriates feel that the single primary concern that they are worried about is the place where they would live. The best solution is to find a temporary shelter. There are many hotels in the Philippines particularly in Manila that are also leased for short terms. There are many apartments that are affordable as well. These days one can find towering condominiums that offer cheaper rental rates for anyone.

The arrival of the shipment of the belongings of the expatriate moving in the Philippines usually takes a while and depends on where the expatriate came from. If he came from an Eastern state of the US the shipment of his things can take seven weeks or more before finally arriving in the country. It is a good option to choose a temporary house fully furnished already since the shipment will take some time. The shipment of the expatriate’s belongings will still be checked at customs in the Philippines which lasts a couple of weeks before it is cleared to be checked out. The company where an expatriate works for usually assigns a person to help the expatriate in this process.

Each expatriate who has lived in the Philippines has a different story of moving to the Philippines however one thing is usually common that they had to stay in a temporary house for a while. Being in a temporary house like a hotel will give much convenience to the expatriate and their family. During the stay in the temporary house the expatriate can hunt for a house they intend to stay longer in. The expatriate could request for a renovation besides waiting for the customs to clear their belongings.

Expatriates usually experience a period of transition lasting for months. The hotel is usually a good place to adjust for the first few weeks for the whole family since the people in the hotel can give good service and assistance. There are a few reminders before finally choosing a temporary house:

1.Make sure that the house is an ideal place for the whole family.

2.Make sure that it fits your budget. There is a wide choice of hotels in the Philippines.

3.Consider a location near to the international school for your children.

4.Consider a location near your office and other landmarks like a hospital or a shopping mall.

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