Things To Do

The transition time of an expat family in the Philippines will be spent in a temporary housing. But this doesn’t mean that an expat family cannot do anything worthwhile. This time can be used by an expat family to venture out and familiarize the place that they are in.

As an expat family in the Philippines, you can’t just sit around in the hotel and wish you were somewhere else. There are many things that an expat family can do in the Philippines. Here are some of the things that can get them going.

If the school days have not yet started, an expat family can visit the school campus their child will be studying at. Take a tour inside the school campus. This can help the child to be familiar with the school and ease out the first-day-of-school-fear.

The Philippines has a lot of national clubs and organizations that an expat can join. Attending these organizations can help an expat family gather additional information for their settlement in the Philippines. Visiting churches is also advisable. New friendships can also be started.

If an expat family has a car, it is important to process the car’s license plate and village stickers. Applying for a driver’s license is necessary. A road map is a necessity and it is available at any bookstore.

Getting some guidebooks to Manila or anywhere in the Philippines is very convenient. An expat family can take some weekend or day trips to beautiful tourist attractions of the Philippines using these guidebooks.

Visiting grocery stores and shopping areas can also be done that an expat family may know where to go to purchase certain items or just hangout.

A cellular phone is more of a necessity here in the Philippines than a luxury. Obtaining individual cellular phones for every member of an expat family is a good idea. There are some places that pay telephones are not available. Having a cellular phone in hand is essential in case of emergencies and other important matters.

Talking to a fellow expat family is also very helpful. Every expat family in the Philippines has a story to tell and advice to give. They can also help an expat family find the right place to shop, where to go for a great family trip, where to find those favorite chocolates, and more.

An expat family can locate fun venues so that the kids will not be homesick. It is not enough to tell the children that they will like the Philippines. Bring the children to any game arcades, carnivals, ice skating rinks, or movie theaters. An expat family will be surprised how cheap are the movie tickets in the Philippines.

The Philippines has many beach resorts. An expat family can go to a beach for some family time, and tropical relaxation and recreation.

When an expat family decides to settle in the Philippines, they will never get bored, lonely, or homesick. There are many things that an expat family can do during their transition time in the Philippines.

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