Telephone Issues

For an expat, a telephone line in the house is very important. There are a number of companies that offer telephone services in the Philippines. The biggest telephone company in the Philippines is the Philippine Long Distance Telephone or PLDT Company. The other telephone companies are Globe, Digitel, Bayantel, and other minor telephone companies.

The country code of the Philippines is 63. And wherever an expat will be in the Philippines, it is important to know the area code of the place an expat is in. For example, the area code of Manila is 2. So if an expat receives a long distance call from abroad to Manila, the numbers dialed must be preceded by the numbers (632).

The telephone and modem plug types in the Philippines are just like in the United States, USTJ11. There are seven digits in a standard phone number in the Philippines. Phone books are usually available and free of charge from the telephone company whose services an expat is acquiring.

In general, expats will not be found in the phone books. For an expat to have a private phone book is very important. An online telephone directory service is also available.

To have a phone lock in an expat’s landline is very important so that phone abuse will be prevented. Inquire with the telephone company regarding this phone feature and it is usually free of charge.

If an expat wants to make a long distance call from the Philippines to other countries, it is advisable to know the time difference of both countries so that an expat knows when is the convenient time to call. Outgoing calls to other countries are truly expensive in the Philippines. Having family and friends call an expat in the Philippines is advisable because it is cheaper.

Having a cellular phone in the Philippines is a necessity nowadays. Most expats have cellular phones with them. Public pay phones are usually hard to find and if an expat finds one, it is either non-functional or an expat must wait in long lines.

The cellular phone companies servicing the Philippines are Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, Talk ‘n Text, Touch Mobile, and Addict Mobile. Post-paid and pre-paid accounts for cellular phones are both available. An expat will just choose which account is suitable for the kind of life an expat has.

To apply for a landline telephone and cellular phone post-paid account, an expat must provide some documents like proof of billing such as water and electric bills, income tax return and related documents, and a valid identification to ensure the capability of the applicant to pay for the phone service requested.

Telephone services like landline and cellular phones are very important for an expat in the Philippines. There are many companies that give phone services in the Philippines that an expat can choose from and take advantage of.

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