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jollibee is the best filipino fast food, and for filipino it’s a special food, and  they love jollibee a lots, and when i was a child i love jollibee also, i’ll be happy if i go to jollibee even i only ate ice cream hehehe. And my favorite foods in jollibee is the C1( 1piece chicken w/ rice and reg. drinks) or the C2 ( 2piece chicken w/ rice and reg. drinks) and before when i was age of 3-18 years old i love also the C3 (sphagetti w/ 1 piece of chicken and reg. drinks). Sometimes i get annoyed if it’s lots of people waiting in queue bec. it’s always takes so long but i need to calm down and always have a bigsmile and pretend that i’m not so hungry lol.  Jollibee is very good but at my age now because i’m 19 and recently,  i’ve been eating more foreign food bec. i prefer it.

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