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Pool, Aviary and Garden Resort

Guesthouse for rent, with kitchen and bathroom. Complete with all utilities. 

Including 2 beds. Can accommodate upto 6 persons. 

Located on private property. Very large swimming pool in front.  Daily access for day visitors at low entrance fees. 

Quiet, with lots of trees. Access to aviary within 1 min. walk. 

Only 10 min. from city center and airport and 25 min. from beaches. 

Beautiful and serene, very peaceful and inspirational. The pool is clean, the gardens are super green and lovely, and the animals are really fun to look at.

Realizing that you’re in the middle of a rainforest in a developing country, this place is unrivaled for convenience, beauty, and is well worth the small cost.

Free parking. Free wifi. 


Brgy Balugo, Dumaguete

9 am to 6 pm

night swimming: 6 to 11 pm

Every day.

Rated: 3.67 by 12 ratings