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Casaroro falls is beyond what seems to be an infinate number of steps (actually 350) however I wasn’t at all disapointed. At the bottom of the steps there’s a short walk meandering through the valley and accross a minature suspension bridge, butterflies, birds and foliage line the path to the 90 degree bend in the river where, you can see the falls plummiting into deep pool. A short scramble over felled wood and rocks brings you to the epic scene with the roar of sheer power buffeting your ears.

The water is icy cold but a welcome break from the heat of the decent and thouroughly recommended if you want to be refreshed for the return trip. Entrance is just a few pesos, depending of course on the size of your nose but whatever the price (up to 50 peso) Casaroro Falls, the most photographed falls in Negros, represents the best value for money you’ll find. Remember to take your camera, a swim suit and some drinking water!

Daylight hours
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