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Tejeros – Banica Swimming Lagoon

Banica Swimming Lagoon (known locally as Tejeros) is a great place for those steaming hot days as Valencia’s cool climate and mountain rivers refresh you in these man made river pools. Entrance is just a couple of pesos each and cottage rental is 50 peso. We often visit here and bring our own food and drinks although there is a small shop selling basic snacks and semi-chilled drinks. Transportation to Tejeros is also fairly straight forward:

If you don’t have your own transport:

Recommended: Rent a motorcycle from Kookais at 20 peso/hour

Or get a Jeepny/Easyride from the southbound terminal to Valencia then get a habal habal (motor bike back ride) to Tejeros (more expensive but still under 50 peso each)

9am to 6pm – 7 Days
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