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Grace Pick &  Carry Enterprices  is a cellphone retailer , and accessories, and  is the main load wallet supplier of dumaguete city w/ fast service and great prices :). And it’s a beautiful employee which is a very good entertainer and very good in selling cellphones and accessories 🙂 but not all of them are good enough bec. some of employee there are not confident enough and i can see in their eyes, that they are annoyed sometimes to those costumer who got  lots of questions and after it, costumers will say “thank you” . I understand them, but not all the time they going to do it, they need to control theirselves being annoyed and always smile to the costumers and answer properly of their questions and make the costumers impressed and you will have lots of costumers everyday or everytime 🙂

8:am until 8:pm
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