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Moalboal: A Haven for Divers

Moalboal is a town in Cebu City, Philippines that became famous because of the beautiful dive spots found in the waters of the area. cebu mapA lot of local and foreign divers visit Moalboal to experience great dives. A favorite dive spot in Moalboal is Pescador Island, a small island near Moalboal. The steep walls along Pescador Island’s coast are among the Philippines’ best dive sites. The beautiful and untouched marine life of Pescador Island makes it really popular.

The rocky cliffs of Pescador Island have a mass of overhangs and caverns and the popular one is the Pescador Cathedral. It is a huge underwater cavern with a 15 meters wide funnel that descends down to 35 meters.

Divers in Pescador Island usually encounter white tip sharks. Hammerhead sharks will appear occasionally. Schools of pelagics will surround the divers in Pescador Island. A beautiful coral garden thrives in the shallow parts of Pescador Island.

Moalboal has a dive spot called the House Reef. It is an artificial reef at 3 meters to 40 meters deep in the waters of Moalboal. Divers can go dive in the House Reef at daytime or nighttime. Even though the House Reef is an artificial reef, huge schools of traveleyes are making their home in the House Reef together with tunas and mackerels. Whale sharks can also be seen in the House Reef of Moalboal.

Moalboal has also a dive spot called the Sunken Island. Sunken Island is an underwater pinnacle, which has a summit of 25 meters below the water surface. This dive spot is for experienced divers only because of the strong water currents. The Sunken Island is a favorite place for underwater photographers. Various sizes of lion fish are found in the Sunken Island. Frogfish, spanish dancers, pelagics, jacks and tuna, grouper and snapper, barracuda, mackerel, blue triggerfish, and occasionally, sharks and manta rays are found in the Sunken Island of Moalboal.

Moalboal has another dive spot called Airplane Wreck. The Airplane Wreck is a two-seater airplane that was made as an artificial reef in Moalboal. It is a joint project of government and non-government organizations of Cebu City in the Philippines. The Airplane Wreck has the same characteristics like that of a real coral reef and is a great site for wreck diving. This environment friendly project in Moalboal has now become the home of a number of marine animals.

The following dive spots also surround Moalboal: Tongo Point, Tuble, White Beach, Ronda Bay Marine Park, and Badian Island. And there are still other dive spots in Moalboal that offers a superb diving experience.

From the Mactan International Airport in Cebu, Philippines, Moalboal is a two-and-a-half hour drive. Within the town of Moalboal, a lot of diving resorts offer services to the visiting divers. Accommodation and food is not a problem while experiencing the beautiful dive spots in Moalboal.

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