Anilao: The Enchanting and Beautiful Dive Sites

anilaoMany believe that the forefront of the diving industry in the Philippines is the place of Anilao in Batangas. Anilao is also known as the diving birthplace in the Philippines. Many enchanted, beautiful and amazing dive sites are in Anilao making the place a popular diving destination in the Philippines. For underwater photographers, the dive sites in Anilao are perfect because the visibility is often good than not. Any dive site in Anilao can accommodate any diver ranging from novice to experienced divers.

The Maricaban Island is a dive site in Anilao with mild to strong water current. Its depth ranges from six to 37 meters. The Maricaban Island is only a short boat trip from the coastline of Anilao. The dive site has a variety of diving challenges. There are drop-offs, sandy slopes, overhangs, and caves. The dive site is excellent for macro-photographers.

The Bonito Island is a dive site that has a strong current with a depth of 18 to 24 meters. The dive site is a marine sanctuary in Anilao that have lots of coral heads. Fusiliers, snappers, and jacks are abundant in the Bonito Island. Moray eels, stingrays, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins can be found in the sandy area of the dive site.

The Malajibomanoc is a dive site that has a number of hot springs at the depth of 20 meters. This dive site is also a marine sanctuary in Anilao where corals are abundant together with the crinoids and barrel sponges. Encounters with parrotfish, batfish, groupers, trumpetfish, pufferfish, and other more are very common. Frequently, presence of blacktip reef sharks is in the area of the dive site.

The Layag-Layag is a dive site that has a depth of ten to 18 meters with a medium to strong water current. This dive site in Anilao has an extensive formation of corals within the steep and shallow slope. The marine life is truly abundant with a very excellent visibility especially for underwater photography. The presence of the huge Spanish Dancer nudibranches is the main attraction of the dive site.

The Mapating Rock is a dive site that has a depth of 20 to 40 meters with very strong water current. The dive site is also called the Shark’s Reef because of the occasional presence of Grey Reef and Whitetip sharks. The dive site has a series of drop-offs with very strong current, hence, only experienced divers are allowed in this area in Anilao.

Other wonderful and enchanted dive sites in Anilao aside from the ones mentioned above are Arthur’s Rock, Beatrice Rock, Mainit Point, Koala, The Cathedral, Ligpo Island, Twin Rocks, Bethlehem, Devil’s Point, Sombrero Island, and many more.

Indeed, Anilao is a haven and forefront for the diving industry in the Philippines. Local foreign divers crowded the dive sites in Anilao to get a magnificent and memorable view of the underwater ecosystem.

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