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Throughout the years, the Philippines has made a name for itself as one of the top travel destinations worldwide. The diverse historical and cultural backgrounds of the country have made it very interesting for tourists and guests. The booming state of tourism in the Philippines continuous to prosper, and there seems to be no looking back. The beauty of its natural surroundings combined with the courteousness and hospitability of its people has made the country irresistible for almost everybody.

One of the most wonderful and excellent place to visit in the Philippines today is the beautiful city of Sipalay. This city can be found in the province of Negros Occidental. Because of the increasing number of beautiful places in this country, it is very hard to notice the slowing developing place called Sipalay.

Jewel of the Sugar Island

The city of Sipalay has been dubbed as the Jewel of the Sugar Island for the beauty and elegance of this place. Recently, it has won an award as one of the up-and-coming travel destination in the Philippines. A growing number of people have started to recognize the beauty and potential of Sipalay in tourism. The Jewel of the Sugar Island features white sand beaches and azure waters that would surely mesmerize visitors and tourists.

Marine Resources

Sipalay also boasts of very rich marine resources. The local government has done a very good job in preserving and maintaining the beauty of its natural surroundings. It has also done a perfect job in educating its people on the importance of a healthy and clean environment. The Jewel of the Sugar Island has been regarded by the Filipino people as one of the best on the undiscovered tourist spot category in their country.

Diving is also on the program in Sipalay and they boast a wealth of superb and pristine dive sites, both coral and wreck diving is available in the area.

Tourist Spots

The local tourism of the Jewel of the Sugar Island has a lot to offer. Some of the tourist attractions in this area include the Tinagong Dagat, the Philex Gold Mines, and the Punta Ballo Beach. These places have proven themselves to attract a very wide audience, ranging from local visitors to international tourists.

Various hills and islets surround the Tinagong Dagat. This Sipalay tourist destination is available for tourists both in dry or wet seasons. Tourists and visitors can explore the corals beneath its azure waters. Meanwhile, the Philex Gold Mines is another famous landmark in the Jewel of the Sugar Island that houses a condominium and a training center. This tourist spot is accessible to tourists as well as other visitors because it is situated near the national highway. It can be found in Barangay Nabulao. On the other hand, the Punta Ballo Beach features world-class diving resorts including the Easy Diving Resort.

Fiesta / Events

The Jewel of the Sugar Island also holds an annual event called the Pasaway Festival. This event celebrates the importance of copper to the city of Sipalay. This event is always held every 31st of March.


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