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Scenic Treasures in San Juan, Siquijor Island

San Juan in Siquijor, once a part of Siquijor town, is an important tourist destination in the beautiful island. Here’s why many aver that San Juan, Siquijor should never be missed in a tour itinerary.

Capilay Spring Park, Bolos Butterfly farm, Boljo Cave, Bulalakaw Forest Reservation and even Cambasia Cave. These are some of the scenic places within or adjacent to San Juan, Siquijor that tourists shouldn’t miss. Plus, of course, the pristine sea and white sand shorelines that never fail to lure back tourists who find the waters of San Juan, Siquijor a perfect place for certain water sporting activity. San Juan, Siquijor boasts of active marine life that captures every diver’s imagination. The shoreline is full of diving and snorkeling spots that reveal amazing deep sea life.

San Juan, Siquijor is also famous for its unique natural water pools in its hinterlands that are fed by natural springs. A curious feature of its plaza is a lake right in the middle, the St. John de Capilay Lake. San Juan, Siquijor allows a view of its slightly hilly terrain at its outskirts and adds to its romantic setting by the idealistic splendor of the Siquijor waters.

A historic church that is part of San Juan, Siquijor’s existence is San Juan Macapilay Church constructed in 1863. Capilay Spring Park is also a popular tour destination near the town proper, with natural fresh water spring feeding the natural water tables of San Juan, Siquijor, and is further enhanced by the construction of swimming pools and other park features for the wandering tourist. San Juan, Siquijor is almost officially known as the province’s tourism capital for its annual attraction of tourists to its marvelous water attractions and resources. It celebrates its grand town festival every August 26, and this is said to be the highlight of San Juan, Siquijor’s tourism come-on.

San Juan, Siquijor is made more accessible from its neighboring towns like Siquijor, Larena, Lazi, and Maria, by amusing local transportation. The Habal-habal is an exploited motorcycle ride that is said to fit 8 persons in all. There is also the ubiquitous jeepney for easy going in and out of San Juan, Siquijor. The EZ rides are also available for either public or private transportation. EZ rides in San Juan, Siquijor are mini trucks with enclosed backs fitted with improvised lateral benches. There are also tricycles around.

A visit to San Juan in Siquijor will prove a very rewarding tour or vacation. San Juan forests and sea life wonders will see to that.

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